Vlog 17 – Walkin’ in Memphis

‘You’ll love it, if you love the blues’ and ‘watch yourself’, that are the main things I heard about Memphis. A new city with new opportunities.

The upstair bar, where the artists playing around town used to relax with each other.

I arrived at the hostel in the morning and relaxed for a little while. My goal was to find someone to write songs with. Because writing with a guitar- or piano player makes it easier when it comes to melody. The advice to take a look in the ‘Memphis Flyer’ was a good one. It has all the events and to do’s listed in the city and I found an open mic night in Earnestine & Hazel’s. Never heard of the place, but it was a special one. It’s supposed to be the most haunted bar in town or some even say from America. Pretty spooky right? And the bar upstairs was also a hide out for stars that played in venues around. They would come to drink a beer after their show. From B.B. King to Elvis, from Ray Charles to Etta James. You want to read more about the bar and the ghosts? Read this story and of course you can see more in my vlog.

The guitar player who guided me with the two songs was Mark. The day after we decided to do some songwriting together and before that we took a trip in a canoe to the Mississippi river. How cool is that. A nice workout and a beautiful view.

Memphis is treating me well!

Next up: Sun Studio & Graceland

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