Vlog 8 – THE Apollo Theater Amateur Night audition

Billie Holiday, Lena Horne & the Count Basie Orchestra made their debut in this place. Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan and many more won the same contest I’m now auditioning for. The Apollo Theater is pretty special to me. A lot of women whose songs I sing with my band Swing & Tell, started their career at this venue. Just before I came to New York I found out that there was an audition for THE Amateur Night in february 2018 and I thought; why not try. Even if I’ll only stand in line I’ve got a good story.

But luckily it didn’t stop there. I got to audition, and that was nerve-wracking but also very exciting. With twenty persons at a time we went in and you could see the people in front of you do their audition. I was number fourteen so got to see a nice and varied show. From dancing, to singing, to real bad stand-up comedy (or maybe my vernacular isn’t broad enough yet).

Met so many nice, interesting, inspiring, artistic and real people there. A young girl that has a voice like butter, that smooth. An older rapper in his seventies who just wanted to shine again and he was good! A beautiful woman that has had her chance before at the Apollo but wasn’t ready then. Now she took it to another planet anyway with her crazy performance that I could fortunately see live. My god she is the best.

The outcome of this audition can take a couple of days to two months. They told us to just get on with our lives and to not sit and wait by the phone. From the 300 contestants there will only be like 6 or 7 that will make the cut. So I’m living.

This audition and this trip makes me realize that I have to choose how serious I am about music. I need to put in more energy, so I can use more of my talent. And do not let my fear and insecurities get in the way. They will always be there but I have to get over the edge en make little steps everyday. Because I know I’m keeping myself too small. This beautiful trip brings me this insight and makes me realize. Let’s get me out there.


  1. Patrick

    27 september 2017 at 21:48

    Cool Lin. Trots op je xx

  2. Rein

    30 september 2017 at 01:52

    Heel erg gaaf en cool dat je dit gewoon doet. X

    1. Linda Oudendijk

      1 oktober 2017 at 15:44

      Thnx Rein, daar ben ik dus ook erg content over. Jij ook lekker bezig in France, ik leer veel over het land en de taal 🙂

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