Vlog 7 – Watch out, tourist on a roll!

From the humongous and impressive, fancy New York Public Library to the raw and industrial Williamsburg. I wasn’t at my best after three jazzclubs in a row the night before. A little bit disoriented and tired, but went on my way and it was great again. Next time in New York I’ll definitely stay in Williamsburg. Love that place, it’s so creative, vibrant and inspiring. And the beautiful views just keep on coming if you like it or not. Ellie Hall, a singer songwriter from London, asked me to come to the Rockwood Music Hall to see Rachel Sermanni. And I’m glad she did. It was so nice and good to see how easily she played with the crowd. I can learn a lot from that.

From now on the music will thrive. Just got into Chicago and there’s music around every corner. Feels like I needed the first week to get started and find my way a bit. Hanging out, being the tourist. Yes I’m still searching and the search will never end. But because of the beautiful, strong and inspiring people that I meet, talk to and see on stage, it becomes more and more clear which road to take or to choose. It’s about finding my own way in music, facing my fears time and time again and taking my search and learning path seriously.

Next up: The Audition for Apollo Theater Amateur Night.

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  1. Thomas

    27 september 2017 at 09:41

    I love that street art. Very nice.
    Also the plants on the wall at the (too expensive?) coffeebar are a nice addition.
    Hit it Lin!

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