Vlog 24 – Start Spreading The News

Not only Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, but also New Jersey, New Brunswick, Orange and more. Instead of going home after New Orleans as planned I decided to lengthen my trip with almost a week and visit New York again. The best decision ever. I met up with piano and organ player TW Sample and he showed me around. He took me to his gigs from church to fancy restaurants and again I learned so much and met even more beautiful personalities.

‘Take music seriously’ is a message I got not only from him but from every musician and music lover along the way. If you wanna go for it, you gotta go for it. Choose music. Dedication, hard work, persistence, clear goals and focus are some of the things you need if you want to make your way in this scene.

One of my questions when I started my ‘Soul Sound Searching’ was; Why do the 50s and 60s feel magical to me? Now I know. Because they are. Not that it wasn’t real, it was. It was even a harsh reality. But it was also pure, the focus and drive of people was mind-blowing. The shit producers, managers, artists and musicians had to go through to get their voices and messages out there was also very real. The segregation that was and still is a major subject. My heart is filled with love and respect for everyone that lived in that period of time, who followed their hearts, took their leaps of faith, tried things other people had never tried before. Thank you for getting your music out there.

If you are bold, open, a bit naive and ready to face some fears it will get you far when you’re traveling with a goal. But this trip has also shown me that I know nothing yet, there is sooo much to learn when it comes to people, music, the industry and also myself. I’ve been surprised, blown away, humbled, welcomed, helped,

Thank you guys for following me around and supporting me. My Soul Sound Searching will continue. I’ll keep you posted. For now I hope you enjoy my last vlog of this trip.


  1. Cocky

    2 december 2017 at 10:51

    Geweldig Linda dat je dit gedaan hebt en zoveel geleerd hebt in een korte periode eigenlijk. Ga door met wat je voor ogen had. Dikke kus van ons

    1. Linda Oudendijk

      27 december 2017 at 12:52

      Hi Cocky, nog heel erg bedankt voor je reactie. Daar ga ik mee door, jullie horen nog van mij! Liefs Linda

  2. Sylvia

    2 december 2017 at 15:13

    Lieve Lin, heb genoten van al je fantastische belevenissen. Ik hoop dat er nog veel mooie en muzikale momenten voor je volgen! X Sylvia

    1. Linda Oudendijk

      27 december 2017 at 12:51

      Hi Sylvia, zie dit nu pas, beetje laat. Heel erg bedankt en die gaan er zeker komen, daar zorg ik wel voor 🙂 xxx

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