Vlog 23 – Music everywhere in ‘The Big Easy’

It is so true, live music is everywhere in New Orleans; on every corner of the street, in every bar and even in museums. My time in ‘The Big Easy’ is coming to an end, so I spent my last days wisely. Looked in the local magazine OffBeat that has almost every performance written down and chose the artists and venues that I really wanted to see. And it was like the city was saying goodbye to me too, because it treated me with even more music in the streets than I expected.

Strolled along the riverwalk and took one more good look at the Mississippi. Saying goodbye turned into see you later, cause I know I will be back someday. It was time to go to the French Quarter once more. I dived in while the sun was still shining and came back up when the moon was out.

It was great, can’t compare this place to any other. I can really recommend you to go there and feel the vibe yourself.

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