Vlog 16 – Cyclin’ and Singin’ in Nashville

Feeling the breeze in your hair when going downhill is one thing that I love about cycling. And I think it’s the best way of traveling. You see so much more of a city. Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch, but if I haven’t seen a bike in two weeks I get tremors and need a shot. Luckily Maddie (she works at the hostel) had a lowrider that I could borrow. So got my shot on wheels again and some exercise too while exploring Nashville.

After the bike ride it was of course time for music. Went to a jamsession at Gold Rush, led by Sam Cooper. The guy in the bathrobe remember? The old school songwriters showed us how everyone has got their own style of singing, writing and playing. Enjoyed it a lot. We got so inspired that we had our own little porch-session at the Music City Hostel till four in the morning. So much fun!

Watching wrestling, drinking cider and having fun at Gold Rush after singing with my new friends.

On my last day the city cried. It was pouring with rain. Did some walking to shake of the hangover. Took just one beer too many the night before. Had lunch at Panera and listened to ideas for songs that I’ve recorded on my phone over the years. It made me realize that I’m already working on lyrics and melodies for a long time. But the finishing part is the hardest, as I’d talked about before with Jo.

In the evening I got back at the hostel and went to Cafe Coco’s with my supporting squad. There was a singer-songwriter session going on and the artists there we’re so good. Really pleasently surprised me how high the level was. And so happy that I was able to get on stage and perform in Nashville just before I had to leave. Can tick that off my list.

Nashville taught me a lot about hospitality. I met so many nice people who invited me and took me in like I was family. Very special. And also learned a lot about songwriting. One of those things; that humor in lyrics is very important. It made me realize that I don’t use that a lot. I’ll take that with me on my road to new songs.

Next up: Walkin’ in Memphis


  1. Cocky van Rossum

    15 oktober 2017 at 10:16

    Wat gaaf wat je allemaal mee maakt en wat gaat de tijd snel. Onwijs leuke vlogs en stukjes geniet er nog maar van
    Groetjes cocky en Martin

    1. Linda Oudendijk

      16 oktober 2017 at 01:09

      Thnx Cocky en Martin, ja dat gaat het zeker. Die vliegt!

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