Vlog 13 – Off to Nashville

You can read and hear everything about a city, but to get a real view you need to be there. I got hooked on the welcoming Chicago in one week, but it was time to move on. Hard to leave, a bit scary, but also exciting.

With the Megabus I entered Nashville after a 9,5 hour drive. It was one with countrysides, loads of huge trucks, short naps in uncomfortable positions, and then suddenly a skyline arose. My image of Nashville is a tiny town with guitar players on their porches spitting tobacco all over the place. The city I entered has his own skyline and houses more than 1.3 million people. Soooo, a little different than my naive, dreamy sight.

The first steps in town were pretty shocking. I left the hostel in the evening to find a place to eat, but it felt like the downtown area was eating me. So overwhelming. Got hit in the face from every side with different kind of music. Every venue has musicians that are trying to win when it comes to volume. It made me think I’d ended up in Las Vegas. But they don’t call it ‘Music City’ for nothing.

But a couple of days later I’m good, no worries. Moved up to midtown and am finding my way around. The focus is now on writing, cause that’s what they’re known for in this town.

Next up: Songwriting in Music City



  1. Sylvia Oudendijk

    8 oktober 2017 at 09:24

    Lieve Lin,
    Wat is het ontzettend leuk om met je mee te kunnen reizen door Amerika!
    Wat een fantastische belevenissen…..super allemaal.
    Wat een muziek en wat een ontmoetingen!
    Het zal wel raar zin om straks gewoon weer thuis op de bank te zitten. Dat kan niet meer denk ik?!
    Ik hoop dat je nog veel mooie dingen gaat beleven en kijk uit naar je volgende vlog.
    Heel veel plezier nog en een dikke kus:

    1. Linda Oudendijk

      8 oktober 2017 at 17:04

      Hi Syl, op de bank zitten… nee dat gaat ‘m niet worden na deze avonturen. Misschien heel even om te beseffen wat ik allemaal heb meegemaakt, maar dan snel door. Dankjewel, komen vast nog mooie dingen. Net busticket naar Memphis geboekt. Spannend!!! x

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