Vlog 12 – The Holle Thee Maxwell Tour

She was scaring two guys in front of the stage at Buddy Guy’s Legends while singin’ to them. That’s how I got to know Holle Thee Maxwell or ‘The Black Blonde Bombshell’ for the first time. Her strong performance and voice really impressed me. She had the crowd, the two guys and me eating out of her hands. That’s why I thought, maybe she can give me a vocal or performance lesson. So I had a brave moment and asked her.

She didn’t give me what I’d asked for, but gave me so much more. A lot of interesting history about the Chicago blues, a day full of humor and laughs and a variety of lessons in life. So grateful that she took the time for me. Maxwell pick me up and drove me around the Southern part of Chicago. Showing me all the places where the true blues blossomed. She told me about her own tough story, how she was able to keep her head up high in rough times.

She’s now in a better place than ever at the age of 71. Writing two books and making a new album is keeping her pretty busy. Besides that she will be inducted at the Blues Hall of Fame for the second time on the 15th of october, just before her birthday on the 17th. A very special, beautiful, vibrant, energetic and fun woman. I had a blast.

After the great tour I went of to the Kingston Mines where a jamsession was led by Mister Linsey Alexander. It was great again. Seen a lot of new musicians having fun on stage and song two songs myself; Summertime and At Last. To complete my row of blues club visits I had to check Blues on Halsted at the other side of the street. Ronnie Hicks was playing on keys and made it a party.

It was a crazy good day. I don’t know what I did to deserve all these meetings with the most intriguing and nice people, but I’m so thankful that I am.

Like Holle Thee Maxwell says; LOVE IS!!! ♥♥♥

This is my longest vlog ever. It ended up more like an interview than just a regular one. Hopefully you  do yourself a favor and make time to watch this. So you can get to know this lovely person too.


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